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Previously the Taylor Memorial Lodge, established and named in memory of Hugh and Alison Taylor, after they were tragically killed in a plane accident in Burma in 1978.

Both were teachers from Petone College and enjoyed the outdoor life (much like ourselves), so it was an ideal location to have the lodge enveloped in the nature that surrounds Pokaka and all the outdoor activities available within easy access.

Pokaka is a tiny settlement in the Ruapehu District, situated just off state highway 4 between Horopito and National Park Village. It was started out as a milling area and had a train station, shop and school.

Remains of the milling settlement can still be found today - Old train platforms, remains and crumbling buildings


Nowadays it is a sleepy settlement with an official population of 5. Pokaka is nestled close to the mountain, and snug to the New Zealand Railway line.

“Great to see that the place has been tidied up, and looking a lot fresher”

“It was great having so many activities for the children to do inside out of the cold”

"New hosts Kylie and Ben really accommodating and friendly. Will def be back, and recommend this lodge to others.”

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