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Always have a plan B

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

I had my best friend down here for the weekend. Our plan was to head to the snow and get in some boarding. But she has had the worst of luck when it comes to this season. Every time she comes down the mountain is closed due to the weather.

2019 Snow season has been a tough one – with the mountain closed a lot due to the gale force winds, or other unfavorable weather.

But that doesn’t stop us getting out and doing what we love best: getting in touch with nature.

Ben was busy painting, so we offered to take the 2 kids with us.

First a stop to have a coffee in the Ruapehu Lounge in the Chateau. As much as I thought this would be fun and I have never been there before, next time I would avoid bringing the kids (well my kids anyway). They don’t sit still, and very impatient and then start to fight - being kids I guess.

After that we went to the Department of Conservation Centre in Whakapapa Village. This place has great information about the area – particularly on the local walks available. The history regarding the volcanic activity of the area is displayed well.

We had promised the kids a bush walk, so we picked the shorter option close to the car and did the Ridge Track. This is located behind the DOC centre opposite the holiday park. At only 1.5km return it would be easy for the kids to do. Only a slight incline to get to the top. Possible to take a buggy as there are only a few places where there were stairs.

Within 5 minutes the kids were already complaining that they were hungry – You just ate!

Nice variety of alpine bush, and a lovely view back over the top of the Chateau and Whakapapa Village. I have been told that its really nice up there to view the sunset - might have to return another time.

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